Google released a new travel planning site

What happened?

The search engine owned by Alphabet announced, during its annual Google Marketing Live event, the throwing of a new platform that brings together three tools that the company already offered: Google Flights, Hotels and Trips. The objective is to be able to quickly find all the information that a person needs at the moment from plan your next vacation. Google Travel -or Viajes, in Spanish- is available for smartphones and desktop and allows you to search from hotels to flights. In addition, it provides extra information about the chosen destination such as what are the top Times to go, what is the weather and recommendations of all kinds. Now, if we search for "hotels in Mendoza" or "Brazil" and we go to the Flights tab, for example, the seeker will redirect us to the Travel site.


Hotel and flight reservations received through Gmail will be automatically uploaded to Travels. In addition, these will be able to be edited and new ones will also be added. In turn, the microsite goes to allow to see the climate of the place prior to any next trip. The new travel platform also records searches made on Google to resume the planning days later, without wasting time, although each user will be able to adjust the settings so that the Your search results are not recorded. In addition, Viajes also offers suggestions for complete the trip planning; for example, from popular restaurants around the hotel and events during the selected dates. In addition to the above, travelers will be able to receive other types of information about the destination in the moment of the trip, such as recommendations of nearby popular neighborhoods. In the coming months, Maps will add to its functions the possibility of booking hotels and restaurants.