Podcasts will be indexed in Google search results

A few decades ago Google indexed audios. I even had a tab for this format, next to the image that remains today. The search engine decided to eliminate because, for that then, audio was not living the golden age that it is experiencing now. Therefore, from Google they have Decided to put it back at the center of your strategy.


Sundar Pichai (CEO of Google) has ensured that podcasts will be indexed directly in the results of search

In fact, the Internet giant already started indexing audios again last year. Now the company has announced that audio will make its way directly into Google search, which it would start like this to index podcasts. This was confirmed by Google CEO, Sundar Pichai, in the conference of developers from the company this week.

This way, the “Full Coverage” feature of Google News, which was first launched last year, will be open directly to Google search so that the search engine would start indexing podcasts for the engine to display relevant episodes of a show based on content, not only from qualification. This will be possible thanks to artificial intelligence capable of transcribing the audio of the podcast in text, in a way that could be indexable.

“We use machine learning to identify different types of stories and deliver an image complete that draws from a wide variety of sources”, Pichai explained.

In addition, as Sundar Pichai has confirmed that it will be possible to listen to the podcast directly in Google search results or save the episode to listen to it later.